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Michael J. Muth, FSA

Mr. Muth is a Senior Principal of the firm. Mr. Muth has experience in actuarial and employee benefit consulting since 1979, all with Rudd and Wisdom, Inc.

Professional Designations:

Mr. Muth is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries, an Enrolled Actuary, a member of the Southwest Benefits Association and a member of the Actuaries’ Club of the Southwest.


Mr. Muth’s experience includes the following services as a consultant to private and public plan sponsors regarding qualified plans, deferred compensation arrangements, and other employee benefit plans:

  • Plan benefit design and determination of appropriate benefit levels including review of projected social security benefits
  • Actuarial valuation and certification of defined benefit plan costs
  • Actuarial valuation of retiree medical liabilities (SFAS 106) and consultation regarding financing
  • Actuarial valuation of pension plans for SFAS 87, 88, 132 and 158 compliance
  • Actuarial valuation of other employment benefits for SFAS 112 compliance
  • Analysis of financial implications of various benefit and compensation related matters associated with actual and potential mergers and acquisitions
  • Written and oral testimony before rate regulatory commissions and consultation with regulatory staff regarding benefit related matters
  • Individual account (money purchase, target benefit, profit sharing and stock bonus) and defined benefit plan administration
  • Assistance to legal counsel in preparing plan documents and maintaining legislative and regulatory compliance
  • Design and administration of Section 401(k) cash or deferred plans, including document preparation for the review of legal counsel, nondiscrimination test monitoring and compliance, individual account allocations and statement preparation
  • Design of flexible benefit (cafeteria) plans under Section 125, including consultation in benefit design, preparation of plan documents for review of legal counsel, and training client staff in administration via personal instruction and development of administrative procedures
  • Assistance in compliance with nondiscrimination requirements and related design issues
  • Design and implementation of an advanced computerized system to prepare benefit illustrations, to perform benefit cost valuations and to administer defined benefit, defined contribution, stock bonus and profit sharing plans.


Mr. Muth is a cum laude graduate of Culver Military Academy, graduating With Honors in Mathematics and With Honors in Physics. Mr. Muth is also a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance/Actuarial Science. He graduated with highest honors, completing the entire undergraduate program as well as the Actuarial Science components of the MBA program in three years.


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