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Charles V. Faerber, FSA, ACAS

Mr. Faerber has been a consulting actuary since 1978 with experience on public pension plans, self-insured entities, health and welfare coverages, property and casualty insurance and expert witness testimony. Mr. Faerber has spent his entire actuarial career at Rudd and Wisdom, Inc. and has been a principal of the firm since 1984. Prior to joining Rudd and Wisdom, Inc., he worked for a year and a half as a teaching assistant in the Math Department at the University of Texas at Austin.

Professional Designations:

Mr. Faerber is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, an Associate of the Casualty Actuarial Society, a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries, a Member of the Southwest Actuarial Forum, and a Member of the Actuaries’ Club of the Southwest.


Mr. Faerber has expertise in a variety of disciplines. His experience includes:

Consulting activities with insurance companies and self-insured groups providing property and casualty coverages. These coverages include professional liability, workers compensation, unemployment, automobile extended service contracts, and property insurance. Activities include:

  • Determination of actuarial liabilities for quarterly and annual statements
  • Assistance with preparation of quarterly and annual statements
  • Rate studies, including analysis of experience, projection of trends, strategic planning development of appropriate balance between rate equity and rate adequacy
  • Preparation of Federal Income Tax estimates and assistance in development of tax strategies
  • Valuation of insurance companies and blocks of insurance business via a projection of profitability on past, current and future business written
  • Analysis of reinsurance proposals and review of reinsurance treaty experience
  • Development of cash flow model for groups self insuring their workers compensation coverage
  • Development and maintenance of a life insurance administration system for personal computers
  • Expert witness services in divorce litigation, wrongful death and disability litigation and litigation involving interest computations.
  • Development and utilization of a computerized valuation system used in actuarial studies of various public retirement systems.
  • Involvement in the determination of estimated retirement benefits and preparation of employee benefit statements for various public and private retirement systems.
  • Development and utilization of a computerized cash flow projection model for public retirement systems.
  • Assistance in the actuarial experience study of public retirement systems.
  • Assistance in the determination of actuarial liabilities for the annual statements of life insurance companies.
  • Determination of actuarial liabilities and actuarial assets and preparation of actuarial valuations for statewide and local public retirement systems.


Mr. Faerber is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and a Master of Business Administration degree with a specialty in Actuarial Science. He is also a graduate of St. Thomas High School in Houston, Texas.


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